Carolina Zokalski and Diego Di Falco
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About Carolina Zokalski and Diego Di Falco:

Diego and Carolina have reached a prominent place in the world of Tango, becoming, at the age of 22, the youngest tango dancers in the history of BROADWAY.

They are original cast members of the show FOREVER TANGO, which triumphed on BROADWAY in June 1997 and maintained this competitive position for a period of fourteen months. For their performances, they were nominated for a TONY award for "BEST CHOREOGRAPHY." They have performed in more than thirty cities in the United States, Canada, and Europe. The artistic image of Diego Di Falco was used in all the promotional materials for the show, including the major billboards in the Times Square.

Diego began to dance at the age of four. His growth was guided by Tango Masters CHUCARO and JUAN CARLOS COPES, allowing him to develop, from an early age, great sensitive and creativity, which, together with his dedication and talent, gave him undoubted potential.

Carolina Zokalski's artistic capacity has also reached great heights. As an adolescent, she received a scholarship from Juan Carlos Copes to dance, along with other young artists and with ROBERT DUVAL, in the documentary TANGO!, which was produced by NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC. In 1991, she was invited to join the NATIONAL FOLKLORIC BALLET OF ARGENTINA.

More recently they participated in the PBS show "TANGO MAGIC" as principal dancers and choreographers.

Carolina and Diego currently reside in the Untied States and are world-renowned dance instructors of Tango. They continue to serve as invited guests of numerous organizations to dance and teach tango, at various festivals, special events, and workshops.

Diego and Carolina transform sentiments into movements . . . the search without end. Their absolutely unique and authentic style reflects the way of life of a young couple, who found, in the TANGO, the art form of infinite expressions.

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