Florencia Taccetti of Buenos Aires
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About Florencia:

Florencia brings her wealth of experience as a tango performer and social dancer, as well as her extensive work in modern dance to her teaching of Argentine Tango.

Her teaching covers a range of social styles including salon-style tango, milonguero-style tango, milonga, and tango waltz. She teaches the building blocks of the tango and reveals conceptual frameworks and techniques that allow dancers to learn to create their own steps and decorations, as well as to dance with grace.

The Follower's Voice and the Yin-Yang of Tango

Florencia studied technique with Graciela Gonzalez, one of the leading instructors of women's technique and couples' interaction in Buenos Aires. What Florencia found most inspiring in Graciela's work were the basics of tango movement such as posture, the walk, and the spiral within the body.

Women often feel their role is passive in tango, and men are afraid when the woman has a voice. Women sometimes feel that they must simply be "obedient children" within tango. The follower's voice comes from close communication and dynamic interaction between the couple. The masculine-feminine dynamic is key to bringing out each partner's "voice."

The yin-yang of tango recognizes that within yin, there is an element of yang, and vice versa. Women often do not go deep enough into themselves to discover the yang.

Music is the unifying element which makes the connection for a couple dancing tango. Instead of feeling angry when the music inspires the woman differently, the man can learn to respond to her interpretation.

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