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Five days of intensive instruction by Nito & Elba García, renowned maestros of Argentine Tango

SANTA BARBARA, California. -- November 1, 2000 -- Tango Santa Barbara is proud to announce their Fall 2000 Tango Intensive, featuring world-famous teachers/performers Nito & Elba García. Participants will spend five days (November 15-19) Immersed in the intricacies of Argentine Tango, considered by many to be the world's most sensual dance. Classes will be held at the Carrillo Recreation Center, 100 E. Carrillo Street.
Nito García learned Tango the old-fashioned way, watching his uncle and aunt dance on a packed-earth patio in the province of Buenos Aires more than half a century ago. As a young man he polished his skills in the dance halls of Buenos Aires in the '50s, was principal dancer with the orchestra of Osvaldo Pugliese, and later moved to Mar Del Plata, on the Atlantic coast of Argentina, where he continued to perform and teach.
Supremely creative and elegant exponents of the Tango, Nito & Elba have, in recent years, been "rediscovered" by a younger generation of tangueros in Buenos Aires, many of whom seeek them out for individual instruction. Nito & Elba teach regularly in South America and tour North America and Europe frequently for workshops and seminars. They were featured instructors at Stanford University's Tango Weeks, as well as the recent International Tango Congresses, held in Buenos Aires in 1999 & 2000.

Presented by Tango Santa Barbara in conjunction with City Parks & Recreation
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Pricing Information
Individual classes only $25
Take 4 or more and pay only $20 per class
Take all 7 and pay only $125 -- a $50 savings!
Call for additional pricing.